The model of CODAH is from the Christian inspiration to bring shalom (wholeness and peace) to the community, especially to the broken and the lost. Therefore, we offer services with compassion and take care of the sick and the vulnerable. Our goal is to reach the whole family unit; we believe in the potential of the young people and our goal is to help them so that they can help themselves and create their own income. Therefore, we are steering toward empowering and creating wealth. Another important part of our strategy is to work close together with others, such as the health department and other entities including several businesses in Hammarsdale.

Below you see an overview of all the projects we are currently running:

The bakery

The bakery is called ‘Feed my people’.

Gardening project

A place where people get skilled to garden

Dignity centre

A mobile clinic for pregnant teenage girls

Sewing project

To teach people sewing skills for clothes etc.

Home based care

Taking care of the elderly and sick people

Computer project

To train people how to use a computer

English school

English school for kids and adults

Church planting

Many people become Christians and start to follow Jesus

Become a volunteer

Join us for a better life and beautiful future

Is your heart burning with compassion for this people? Is there a desire to help us giving people a better life and a better future? Don’t hesistate to contact us, or visit the volunteer page below!