We Work Together

Codah is build on a strong community around the entire world! Many teams from all over the world are visiting the Codah Project in South Africa. It is because of all the sponsors that are making it financial possible to run all of the projects.









We Are Non Profit Organization

Children of Destiny at Home is a faith based non-profit organisation situated in the Mpumalanga Township in Hammarsdale in KwaZulu Natal. The houses have been built by people who were either homeless or have arrived in the area to seek Job opportunities.

The jobs have since perished due to poor performance of the textile and clothing industries in South Africa and the Pandemic which have swept away the small businesses in the area. This has led to severe poverty. Poverty has exacerbated the quantum of young and adults living with severe sicknesses. The population is one of the highest affected with HIV/Aids and other chronic diseases in the province of KwaZulu Natal (average more than 27%). Many children become orphans and fight for survival. Many elderly grandmothers are raising their grandchildren and there are numerous child headed families in the township. Therefore, children are the focus of CODAH’s mission, as they are ones who grow up and are socialized within dysfunctional families, typical of societies plagued by problems of unemployment, HIV/AIDS infection, child neglect and abuse. We exist to preserve and strengthen families so that they can provide a suitable environment for the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social development of all their members

Our strategy and model

The model of CODAH is from the Christian inspiration to bring shalom (wholeness and peace) to the community, especially to the broken and the lost. Therefore, we offer services with compassion and take care of the sick and the vulnerable. We have a holistic approach. Socially emotionally spiritually mentally physical and financially. We are committed to the poor. Our goal is to reach the whole family unit; we believe in the potential of the young people and our goal is to help them so that they can help themselves and create their own income. Therefore, we are steering toward empowering and creating wealth. Another important part of our strategy is to work close together with others, such as the health department and other entities including several businesses in Hammarsdale.

Our strategy is to serve the felt needs and provide development of skills and character, while offering love, hope and faith to the community and care for those that we serve and work with. We raise and empower local leaders and train them to serve, lead and train others. We develop new projects and ministries to provide more opportunities to develop skills, provide jobs, provide for the poor and sick and where possible.

Become a volunteer

Join us for a better life and beautiful future

With your help we can make a big difference in this poor community. You can help us with our operational costs. You can also support us by donating materials, goods in kind for our bakery, sewing and computer training, or by sharing your expertise in these areas to help train the people in the township.