September newsletter

Precious Friends, Family, Prayer Partners, Churches, Supporters from all over the world, Directors, Managers, Staff, Volunteers and last but not least our Beautiful People of Hammarsdale a very big sincere and warm thanks and gratitude to you all.

God is Kind in all His ways and JUST in all His deeds. He let us through the storms the challenges the Ups and the Downs. Praise God we are still standing on His Promises.

Wilson Goeda

It is with hearts filled with so much Appreciation and Thanks that we write this September 2022 Update of our Project Children of Destiny at Home.
We had to Pause, Stop, and look back and start counting our blessings. God has been so profoundly faithful to us as servants and co-workers of His Kingdom.

Sewing project
CODAH Sewing Project is doing well, we are so thankful for how God has provided and used this ministry to be a source of sustainability for many in our community. Gods has open so many doors of opportunity for our sewing students this year. Let me high light some of the things.

A Sewing factory in Hammarsdale that is making comforters for bedding has approached us to train people and in turn this company will provide a job for all our students. Our main concern was that our old sewing machines always needed to be services and needed to be replaced with new ones.

Another company in the township in the industrial area, heard of our need and donated two big industrial machines as well as fabric to help us train students to make these specific comforters and pillowcases.
Hlengiwe had to call 15 students that has already done the sewing classes with us because the Company want to hire them. They were so impressed with our Sewing Project. They provided money for them to get further training for four weeks and after that they were all employed.
Another high light from the Sewing Project is that this project became a source of income for the running of our Bakery, purchasing the ingredients needed to bake bread for the poor.

Bakery project
Bakery Project has been such a blessing to the community by now we have trained over 50 people from the community. We saw how people and different companies and organisations has been so generous in helping us to bake. In this year we have baked over 5000 loaves of bread.
A Non Provide Organisation in the Township – Imbizo Foundation has sponsored the bakery for three months with ingrediance and we have baked 170 loaves of bread each week for their project. We have trained their staff and now they have started their own very own Bakery.
Mr. Price Group in Hammarsdale sponsored us flour for the Bakery and groceries for the needy. YWAM Durban also raised funds to support our Feed My People Bakery. God is so Good!!
Our family Rafael Nederland has been such a tremendous Help and Support to us at ALL times. There are just no words to say Siyabonga to all Leaders and church members.
Our greatest challenge:
We need to call an operation renovation for our Bakery. After 3 years of good service, we need to clean up and upgrade our equipment and most probably expand. We have to go back to the drawing board. We will appreciate your prayers and input and help in this endeavour.

Mother and baby campaign

Dignity Centre
Our Mobile Teenage Pregnancy Clinic had a Mother and Baby Campaign.
We have partnered with a local church and with Nurses from the Shongweni Clinic.
At this event we had 50 plus ladies. We had pregnant girls, young mothers with their babies and grand mothers attending this Campaign.
We gave them a meal, clothes for the babies, baby toiletries, groceries and the Nurses did several test on them.

Computer project
Our Computer Project was closed for most of our Winter season due to our vehicles being down and our Facilitator could not get to the Project. We just opened a couple of weeks ago and we decided to just let the children enjoy themselves by watching what they want online or Animation movies for the next few weeks and not start with our lessons. Just watching them and listening to their laughter or singing along as they watch a Musical or Mr Bean or Soccer, or The Lion King brings so much happiness to our hearts. To see a child happy, bring such joy to our hearts and grateful to God for making this happen. It just moves us to pray more that God will enlarge our territory so we can build what is lacking at our Project.

Please continue to stand with us as we fight the good fight of faith to possess the land God has promised us, as we endeavour to Know God and Make Him Known in Hammarsdale Mpumalanga Township.