We exist to create a spiritual community and ministries to preserve and strengthen families in the township Mpumalanga so that they can provide a suitable healthy environment for the physical, spiritual, emotional and social development of all their members. 

Mpumalanga is a Township in Hammarsdale KZN, halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Between the housing unites there are self-built houses where the prospective owners had to buy the sites and built their own houses assisted with loans from the erstwhile Kwa-Zulu Finance Corporation. Government has also built 2 roomed houses for the poor and homeless people these are popularly referring to as R.D.P. (Reconstruction and Development Program houses). 

On the periphery of Mpumalanga Township are informal settlements which have been built by people who were either homeless or have arrived in the area to seek jobs nearer to the urban area. These jobs are however non-existent.

Kwa-Zulu Natal has the highest HIV/Aids infection rate in the world (16,9% of the population). Many children become orphans and fight for survival. Still, many old grandmothers are raising their grandchildren and there are hundreds of child head families in the township. Therefore, children are the focus of CODAH ministries, as they are ones who grow up and are socialized within dysfunctional families, typical of societies plagued by problems of unemployment, HIV/AIDS infection, child neglect and abuse etc.