Gardening Project

Project leader: Ayanda Ntanzi 

Currently, we train about 46 people in gardening. Our crops including, sweet potatoes, beans, potatoes, cabbage, corn and it was a very big success because we managed to keep more seeds to plant this year. This enables us to feed more people. We roughly feed about 350 families with the proceeds of the gardening project. 


•. One of the new initiatives we want to attempt is “Market Wednesday “. This market provides a possibility to sell what we have planted to the community. We will continue to give away the majority of the proceeds of the gardening project, but we will sell some of it on the market for price levels that enable township families to buy vegetables. This enables us to buy seeds and make the project more sustainable.

• Another goal is to help families to have their own vegetable garden at their own houses. Currently, we estimate that about 40 families have created their own gardens.