Computer Project

Project leader: Debbie-Ann Baatjes

Our computer center had strong growth since we started the end of 2017. From 2-year old’s to over 60 retired community members has joined our classes oldest being 67 yrs. To date, we have 286 students per month. 

We have moved to a bigger room to accommodate our need for space and make room for 12 more laptops donated by Grace Stichting fund Steunfonds. The challenge is to keep facilitating this growth. The training center is also available to unemployed and disadvantaged persons who wish to gain computer skills in order to increase their chances of finding employment. 

All the facilities offered at the computer training center are completely free of charge. We do more than computer skill training: some kids stay the whole day, we make sure there is bread for them to take home and a sandwich as well as soccer balls and other toys available for them after their classes have ended.  


•    We trust in future this will evolve into a Recreational Centre for them, where they not only come to learn about computers but a pace to do their homework, have fun and learn other basic information e.g. their rights as a child, what to look out for regarding their safety, etc.

•    Our Volunteers, 2 Primary School and 3 High School students from the township have grown so much with their computer skill since its inception in 2017 and are now part of our young leaders’ program, we are investing and training them to become the future facilitators of our Centre. 

•    We would love to register in the future this center with the government to be fully recognized as a training center giving all students credits and a certificate.