Feed my people bakery

Project leader: Grace Goeda

Children of Destiny at Home “FEED MY PEOPLE BAKERY” just started. We are very grateful that we have raised enough funds to buy our very own bakery equipment. We have allocated a special room for the bakery. 


• We hope to bake 1024 bread weekly. We can feed 2500 children and families every month. We will cut our bread budget by 50% when we bake our own bread. We have already an order from another NPO that want to buy from us 300 loaves of bread weekly. 

• Our Goals for this Bakery is to teach our volunteers a trade, and secondly to feed the people and three to create an income. 

• CODAH will design and buy our own plastic bread bags, bakery clothes for staff with our very own logo. To make this happen we still need financial help or any bakery ingredients and cutlery. Another monthly cost is our electricity bill as we are going to bake 8 hours a day.